Thursday, March 22, 2018

Troy Zoning Board of Appeals - March 2018 Meeting Recap

City staff has posted the video recording of the 3/20/18 Troy Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) meeting to YouTube. At the bottom of this post is the video.

Click here to download the entire Agenda Packet from the March 20th meeting.

There were two items on the agenda. Action taken on each item is listed below.
  • 1240 Wrenwood. "Variances from the minimum required 25 foot front yard setback along Nampa in order to construct several additions. The closest addition will be set back 13 feet from the front (Nampa) property line."

    The ZBA voted to approve the variance. I voted yes on the motion to approve the variance.

  • 580 E Wattles. "A variance to split a parcel of land into two parcels, each having 81 feet of lot width. The Zoning Ordinance requires the new parcels to have 85 feet of lot width."

    The ZBA voted to postpone action on this item to our next meeting.

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