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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Judge Transfers Transit Center Title to Troy

Photo via Local 4 News
Last Friday (8/15/14), I posted the information below from Troy City Councilmember Dave Henderson on Twitter and on our Facebook page. In summary, here's what Councilman Henderson said, "The judge gave the title to the transit center to the city of Troy this morning, and ordered Troy to pay $1,050,000 (the appraised value) in our condemnation case."

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According to Free Press reporter Marlon A. Walker, there may be other legal issues to resolve. "In addition to compensation for the land, Grand/Sakwa Properties has sought money to cover the shopping center’s anticipated costs of wear by transit riders on the access drives through the center’s property, use of its parking spaces by travelers and the added need for security."

This is good news and I hope a judge will quickly dismiss the rest of Grand/Sakwa's claims. After all, when the original consent order was entered into, Grand/Sakwa did not raise concerns about anticipated costs of wear by transit riders, added need for security, and/or use of its parking spaces.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Master Plan Update for the Rochester Road Corridor

Image via PlannersWeb
I appreciate the periodic updates from the the Troy-Somerset Gazette on the Troy Planning Commission's consideration of changes to Troy's Master Plan. According to reporter Cynthia Kmett in their 8/4/14 issue...
Development along the Rochester corridor has been inconsistent with a great deal of variation in the size and location of buildings. Zoning here is commercial business or general business. How to bring Rochester Road a more updated, fresh look is the planners’ goal in any changes to the Master Plan, which they have to consider every five years, although changes are not mandatory.
It will be a tough, but necessary job for Troy City staff and the Planning Commission to protect adjoining residential properties and still improve the aesthetics of the Rochester Road corridor.

Click here to view/print the rest of the article by Ms. Kmett.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Troy Family Daze Might be Coming to the Civic Center

Image via Troy Family Daze Facebook page
For this year's Troy Family Daze, the location will again be on the grounds of Zion Christian Church in Troy (9/11/14 - 9/14/14). However, a new location may be in store for 2015.

According to reporter Cynthia Kmett in the 7/28/14 issue of the Troy-Somerset Gazette ...
Troy Family Daze may well call the Troy Civic Center home in 2015. Faced with the most recent location for Troy Family Daze at Zion Christian Church in jeopardy of being sold, the North Woodward Community Foundation scoured the community for a new venue. They tried many different locations, like churches and corporate settings to no avail. Once a city event as Troy Daze, the Foundation turned to the city’s park system. The festival had been at Boulan Park for three decades before the city gave up its sponsorship in 2009.
In my opinion, this is a great idea because we have so few events in Troy that are community-wide in scope. What a great way to help further develop a sense of place in Troy by holding Troy Family Daze on this central location. I hope the Troy City Government will be able to make this a reality beginning in 2015.

Click here to view/print the rest of the article by Ms. Kmett. As you'll see in Cindy's article, this proposal was discussed at a special study session of the Troy City Council on 7/21/14. At the bottom of this post I've embedded a YouTube video from that session of the City Council.

You can also click here to view/print the agenda packet from that meeting to discover additional details on this proposed change in venue for Troy Family Daze.

Additionally, click here to read the related online article from the 7/31/14 Troy Times.