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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Move Across Troy

The Troy City Manager has rolled out a new initiative he’s named Move Across Troy. Dave Henderson describes the initiative on his City Councilman's Facebook page...
We have all talked about walkable Troy, and we understand the complications of that theory without having an established “downtown” in the true sense of the word. The Big Beaver corridor is a logical target for creating that “place”, but the fact is, we have a lot of hurdles to jump creating it. Move across Troy is a project in the infancy stage that is targeting the Big Beaver Corridor without neglecting the vision of The Maple and Rochester Rd. corridors in scope. We have over 50,000 vehicles/day traversing Big Beaver. Our daytime population needs a way to get to local eateries and shopping without the use of cars in order to meet the typical one hour lunch routine. How do we do that? We have schedule symposiums that are open to the public intended to brainstorm the issues at hand. The information we gather should help gauge what steps can be taken to get us to the next level. Come join us on October 1, at the community center from 11:30 – 1:30 for the first session, or from 5:00 – 7:00 for the evening session.
For more information on this initiative, click here to view/print a document prepared by the City Manager's staff. A presentation on Move Across Troy was made at the September 8, 2014 Troy City Council meeting. Fortunately, the presentation is at the very beginning of that meeting and so I decided to embed a video of that meeting at the bottom of this blog post.

I plan on attending the late afternoon session on October 1st because I have a specific concern about the Big Beaver corridor (see 8/22/13 blog post). While each session on that day is scheduled for two hours, according to City Management Assistant Maggie Hughes you only need to allow for "up to 30 minutes to explore all the stations and the feedback portion."

Friday, September 19, 2014

Troy Zoning Board of Appeals - September 2014 Meeting Recap

City staff has posted the video recording of the 9/16/14 Troy Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) meeting to YouTube. At the bottom of this post is the video.

Click here to download the entire Agenda Packet from the September 16th meeting. The only item on the agenda was approved by the ZBA. I voted "yes."

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Local Lutherans Should Not Have Invited Barton

Image via
Getting Jefferson Right
A few days ago, I saw that Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hartland, MI is hosting an event titled The Body of Christ and the Public Square. Scheduled for September 29th, it looks like they've lined up good speakers... well, except for one. I was disappointed to read that they've invited David Barton, Founder and President of Wallbuilders, to speak.

Who is David Barton and what are the Wallbuilders? Click here for their web page.

I have to admit it. As recently as four years ago, I too believed that Mr. Barton's version of U.S. History was 100% correct. That was until I listened to a 7/19/2005 interview of Barton on Issues, Etc. Click on the podcast player below to listen to the interview.

(Click here if the audio player does not appear in your browser.)

Click any of the links below for additional information that I was able to discover on David Barton...
Getting Jefferson Right

My Response and Three Challenges to David Barton

Founders’ Faith: None of the Above
Please be sure to note that these criticisms of Mr. Barton that I've cited are not coming from individuals on the Left side of the political and/or religious spectrum. I wish that Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church had done some additional research on David Barton before they invited him to speak at their September 29th event.