Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston and Running

I became a runner 4 years ago. I've now completed four half-marathons. I'm not fast. In fact, I'm slow (usually a 10 minute mile). But, running is one of those activities that is not just for the fast but also for those who want to achieve the goal to run a certain distance. If my knees hold together, my ultimate goal is to run a full marathon.

I found this great quote from Samantha on her blog...
Being a runner means you're part of a community. Whether you run with friends or alone, you run a lot of races, or you're an elite runner there is a camaraderie among runners that is palpable.
Because of that camaraderie, the terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon had a profound impact on runners around the world.

To further demonstrate the camaraderie between runners, the Impossible2Possible Facebook page posted the following message...
A movement is sweeping across social media - to show your support, wear a race shirt tomorrow when you lace up your shoes for your run. Run because you can. Run because you choose to see the good in the world instead of the ugliness. Run to let the bad guys know they will never win. Run, remember, reflect, and pray. Let the world know, we stand with our runners, volunteers, medics, supporters, race directors and anyone else who is part of our great support. While it will not change what happened today - we can rally together to heal. Because at the end of the day, we're runners. It's what we do. Run for Boston.

Wearing my running shirt on 4/16/13

Members of the University of Detroit Mercy cross country
and track & field team are part of "Run For Boston"

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